My name is Logan Smith and I’m a senior in mechanical engineering at Missouri S&T. I’ve been developing ThumperFI since the beginning of summer 2012.

I developed an interest in motorcycles my freshman year and purchased a dirt bike the following summer. Near the end of my sophomore year I began talking with a friend about working in the engines lab at school and as a intro to the technology I’d be working with he suggested investigating fuel injection. My project started simple – I was going to use a MyDAQ to run an injector with a few inputs; however, as I started investigating the inputs I would need and the capabilities of the MyDAQ I quickly realized the hardware wasn’t going to be able to do it. I had some experience with Atmel 8-bit AVR microcontrollers so I started looking in to what I would need to do it and realized it was possible and thus ThumperFI was born.

I have designed the hardware, firmware and logic from the ground up (with a lot of help from my EE and ME friends, as well as the wonderful amount of reference material from MegaSquirt available online) with a focus on single-cylinder motorcycles (the dynamics of which are different from their multi-cylinder brethren). I’m not really sure what the end goal of the project is for me – production, open-source, etc – I’m just kind of in it for the learning experience. If there’s interest in production level units then I may pursue that and if there’s not I’ll probably open-source the hardware and software and see where it goes.

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